"Search for Any Product" feature deprecation FAQ

What are we deprecating?

On Jan 31st 2022, we'll retire the "Quicklinks: Search for Products" feature found on the home page and the "Search for Any products" found in Product Links > Search.

See the below screenshots for reference.



How can I search for product to recommend?

We recommend you use the product search function on the Amazon website or mobile shopping app to search for your preferred product. Amazon’s website and app have a lot of useful filters and sorting features that will help you find the right product to recommend to your audience.

How can I build a tagged affiliate link from my search results?

Once you have narrowed down your search results down to a few products or a single product, you can use the Site Stripe tool on Amazon website or the Mobile Get Link feature on Amazon mobile shopping app, to generate a tagged affiliate link.

Can I build this link on Amazon’s website?

Yes. See here for how to use Site Stripe.

Can I build this link on Amazon’s shopping app?

Yes. See here for how to use Mobile Get Link.