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Integration Guide

Follow these simple steps to earn globally with OneLink.

1. Create an Amazon Associates account internationally - You will need an Amazon Associates account in each country for which you want to monetize the traffic. Sign up using the links below.

2. Go to your OneLink dashboard on the SG Associates Central website – Log in to Associates Central, click “Tools”, “OneLink”.


3. Link your international accounts to your SG account.

3.1 You’ll see a callout called “Getting Started”. Click the link called “click here to link”.


3.2. The ‘Link Stores’ screen will open, and you can link your store by entering your international Associates  account details.

4. Set your default tracking ID for OneLink

4.1 Return to the OneLink page by clicking on ‘Tools,’ and select ‘OneLink.’. You’ll see a callout called “Getting Started”. Click the link called “Update Settings”.


4.2 For each store you have linked in step 4, you need to select a default tracking id click “Save changes”


If you are a WordPress user, click here to view the Integration Guide for WordPress.