How to read the Order Report

The Order report lists products that were ordered after an Associates referral and provides information about how the customer was referred (or linked) to the product. The report has three sections; a section detailing the Items that were ordered during the time period specified, the items that generated clicks during the time period but were not ultimately ordered during that period and finally a summary section.

Column definitions

  • Item Name – Name of the product that was ordered through the referral.
  • Direct-Link Conversion – This is the percentage of direct link clicks (defined below) that resulted in an order for the item targeted in the direct link. If the item has “N/A” next to it, it means that the order was not made on direct link. That means that the customer either came in on an indirect link or a direct link for a different product.
  • Direct Link Clicks – The number of clicks to Amazon that takes a visitor from your Web site to the detail page of a product you've specifically chosen. Direct links include Product Links only. Links that are not considered direct include those to the home page, to search-result pages, to product category pages (e.g. Music), and to lists (e.g., Top Sellers). Also excluded from classification as direct links are automatically generated Recommended Product Links and EZ links.
  • Items Ordered Through Direct Links – Number of items matching the title in the left-hand column that were targeted in a direct link and ordered by a customer.
  • All Other Items Ordered – Number of items matching the title on the left hand column ordered that did not qualify for the direct link bonus.
  • Total Items Ordered – The sum of “Items Ordered Through Direct Links” and “All Other Items Ordered”

A note on timeframes for the report

The report will only show the clicks and orders for the timeframe specified. Associates get credit for items placed in the cart within the 24-hour session window and then purchased from the cart within 90 days. Over shorter periods of time, it is possible to see orders without clicks or clicks without the expected number of orders. For example, it is possible to see orders that were placed in a shopping cart a long time ago and thus have no clicks associated within the timeframe. It is also possible to see clicks that may have resulted in additions to the shopping cart but where the customer has not yet decided to check out.

A note on the “Items with no orders section”

This section shows items that generated direct links but for which no order was generated in the timeframe specified.