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The Amazon Bounty Program 101: A Guide for Associates

You are well aware of the win-win nature of being an Amazon Associate. The vast Amazon product catalog and robust affiliate system make sharing your favorite products a snap — and make shopping those recommendations a snap for your audience. Plus, you earn commissions on those sales!

Definitely max out your opportunities with product recommendations — optimize your website, create great Idea Lists, plan out your promotions, refine your strategy as you go — but don’t stop there! There is much more to offer and gain when it comes to Amazon affiliate opportunities. Say hello to the Amazon Bounty Program! Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What Is It?

A simple way to think about the bounty program is that it’s essentially the same setup as product recommendations — but instead of products, it’s for Amazon services and programs. And instead of commissions on product sales, you earn fixed advertising fees — “bounties” — on certain actions taken on specific offers (such as activating a free trial or signing up for a program). So basically: the bounty program is an additional way to earn affiliate income by suggesting and driving actions on Amazon services and programs your readers may be interested in.

What are the “Services and Programs”?

Think Kindle Unlimited. Think Baby Registry. Think Amazon Prime. Think the wide world of cool things you can access through Amazon that aren’t physical products. The bounty program includes tons of promotions and incentives on beloved offerings like these and many more. The promotions are evergreen, so check our advertising fee bounty events to see what’s available!

Why Should I Be Excited About It?

Three reasons (that are probably already obvious but just in case):

1. It’s another way to be a reliable resource to your community through recommending valuable and interesting programs and services, and
2. It’s another fruitful way to earn affiliate income.
3. It’s a unique way to spark conversation on social media. Get acquainted with eligible Amazon Programs and Services and weave them into the conversation with your followers. Beyond recommending a product, a bounty can be a service you use on a recurring basis.

How do I link to Bounties

Linking to Bounties is easier than you think, just follow the steps below:

1. Pick the bounty you wish to promote from the list of available bounties on the Advertising Fee Schedule Page from Associates Central;
2. Find and copy the corresponding home page for your bounty (e.g.
3. Add the following tag and store ID to the home page link from Step 2 (e.g. /?tag=YOURSTOREID-22)
4. Create your link and start promoting!

Want an example? To create a link to the Prime Free Trial Bounty it should look like this:

How Can I Get Started With (or Get Better at) Promoting Bounties?

1. Browse available bounties: Take a look through the possibilities to get a feel for what you can expect from the program.
2. Select offers based on your topics and your audience’s interests: Choose the programs and services you know will fit well with your brand and content, and of course, that your audience will find intriguing.
3. Learn how to link to bounties: linking to bounties is easy, start by tagging your store ID to the homepage and after a few times you'll be creating bounty links in your sleep!
4. Add links and images to existing content: You’re probably already thinking of pieces or places that make sense for your chosen offers — add them now!
5. Work bounty promotions into your editorial and social media planning: As you map out content plans, make note of opportunities to naturally present bounty offers; you could even plan some pieces around the programs/services themselves.
6. Refine your approach based on reporting: You can find out how you’re doing with bounties just as you would for earnings on product recommendations. Review often and adjust accordingly!
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